Listen like a Trillionaire

Listen like a Trillionaire (на англ. яз.) (электронная)

Шамиль Аляутдинов
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epub, fb2, mobi
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«Listen like a Trillionaire” is not just a clever and useful book. It is an assistant that will accelerate your journey to success through self-discovery and opening your eyes to the outside world. It will take your life to a new level.

Take this race car and do not be afraid to get behind the wheel. Overcome fear and doubt, you will not regret it!

Shamil Alyautdinov is the author of many theological research books and several best-sellers, including “The Path to Faith and Perfection,” the “The World of Soul” and “How to see Heaven.” He is also the author and project leader for the popular site umma.ru.

His lively and colourful narrative style, charisma and openness mean his work is valued by people of different generations and views. He is a theologian, jurist, teacher, life-coach and thinker.

Shamil Alyautdinov's books have sold around half a million copies.»

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