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Триллионер думает (на английском)

Шамиль Аляутдинов
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Do you imagine your future when falling asleep at night or waking up in the morning?
What is it like?
Is it overcast, hopeless and sad or is it sunny, joyful and full of clear expectations, plans and opportunities?
Is the vision of your future clear enough to start to work towards it each and every swiftly passing day, using the unlimited Divine Gifts granted to us?

Everything begins with how we think, the content of our internal dialogue and what we say about ourselves, both to other people and to God.
This book is intended for those who want to learn to think correctly and consistently, to keep a healthy internal dialogue, to plan, and to write a masterpiece-script for their lives and not be lazy in its implementation.

Shamil Alyautdinov is the author of more than 30 books, including the first Russian theological translation of the Noble Qur’an, as well as «A Gift for Your Son», «The World of the Soul», «How to See Heaven» and «Listen Like a Trillionaire». He is also the founder and director of the popular Russian website umma. ru.

His lively and colourful narrative style, charisma and openness mean his work is valued by people of different generations and views. He is a theologian, jurist, teacher, life-coach and thinker.

Shamil Alyautdinov’s books have sold around half a million copies.

The interpretation of the meaning of all the Qur’anic verses and ahadith in this book are those of Shamil Alyautdinov.

Данный товар представлен в двух видах: печатный и электронный.

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2021-07-28 16:21:24
Огромное спасибо сотрудникам магазина в г.Алматы! Заказал книгу с Москвы, доставили до Алматы за неделю. Очень рад за такую возможность приобрести книги Шамиля Хазрат!
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